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Over 150 mental health videos and accompanying guidebooks designed to support vulnerable and at-risk children around the world

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Practical guidance for the classroom, home, and youth programs.

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Learn how to respond effectively and lovingly through short, engaging training videos.

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All training videos are evidence-based and created in partnership with leading experts.

Every adult can make a life-changing difference in a child’s life

  • Educators
  • Parents
  • Youth-Serving Professionals

Create a safe, inclusive, and healthy environment for student and teacher success

  • Implement a practical, cost-efficient, and sustainable training solution for teachers and parents;
  • Practical guidance to support your students as they navigate emotional challenges or behavioral issues;
  • Self-care practices to keep you healthy, balanced, and operating at your best.

When parents are able to talk about things that matter with their child, the child has a 1,200 percent greater chance of flourishing

  • Understand what your child is going through, and how to support them
  • Practical steps to help navigate challenging emotions within yourself and with your children
  • Access to leading child well-being professionals at your fingertips

Youth-serving professionals, social workers, and healthcare workers: Make a life changing difference in a child’s life

  • Practical guidance to support children and youth as they navigate emotional challenges or behavioral issues
  • Strengthen the network of protection, care, and well-being for children
  • Self care practices to keep you balanced, connected, and at your best

Alexa Benson-Valavanis

This video series gives our frontline heroes working with youth additional tools they need to help transform trauma into growth and resilience. We are thrilled to partner with NLG to bring local and national resources to help create a trauma-informed culture for our children and their families.

Scott Dinits

Hearing from local people, creating awareness, providing insight, and breaking down barriers will help our communities make the changes we want to see. Thank you No Limit Generation for supporting and investing in our local communities.

Devjani (Juni) Banerjee-Stevens

The beauty of this video series is that it shows adults that small, simple shifts can move us toward healthier, more meaningful relationships. This is how healing happens—one relationship at a time.

Somiari Fubara

We are living in times where the need for mental health and wellness services can’t be overemphasized. What NLG has created is revolutionary because it answers the global call and need for comprehensive, holistic mental health services.