We are on a mission to bring mental health and child well-being into every classroom and home

Imagine the world where every adult is equipped with the guidance to be an effective role model

of children who do not receive the mental health support they need due to high cost or inaccessibility.

average number of school counselors per students in school.

of educators express a need for more mental health training.

We equip educators, parents, and youth serving professionals with practical, proven, and effective guidance

It’s accessible anytime, anywhere

Traditional training videos are not very effective

So we don’t make them. In partnership with leading child well-being professionals, we develop practical guidance that’s designed to engage, inspire, and create sustainable impact.

We’ve worked with thousands of educators, parents, and social workers

The result is an effective unique Human-Centered Communications approach that meets our audience where they are. This approach ensures that learning outcomes are met and best-practices are implemented.

Our Human - Centered Training experience ensures that our content is:

Clear, actionable, engaging

Easy to access online

Useful for all educational levels

Evidence-based, culturally-informed, relevant

Informative + emotionally connective

Every child wants to be happy, healthy, and successful

When children are supported in their mental health and well-being, we can expect the following:

Build a community of care and support

Because every child wants to be happy, healthy and successful

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