No Limit Generation Featured in Innovations in Global Mental Health Publication

J. Boulet - April 11, 2022

Springer Nature has published “Innovations in Global Mental Health”, which looks at the emerging challenges in global mental health. No Limit Generation and our work with Dr. Patricia Gerbarg and Dr. Richard Brown of Breath-Body-Mind was featured in one of the chapters, Innovative Programs Support Recovery and Resiliency in Adult and Child Survivors of Mass Disasters: Breath-Based Mind-Body Interventions and Global Platforms. The potential to take the practical teachings of mental health experts that can effectively reduce symptoms of stress and trauma among children, and provide assistance through online platforms like the one here at, can make mental heath support accessibly like it never has before. The ability to translate this information into every language for open access globally can revolutionize global mental health and change the world. No Limit Generation is currently looking to create trainings to help the situations in Ukraine, Ethiopia, Yemen and Syria among other places around the globe.