NLG Announces Partnership with the PEAR Institute, a Harvard University and McLean Hospital Affiliate

Samier - May 21, 2020

NLG is honored to announce a partnership with the PEAR Institute to address COVID-19’s mental health implications in the classroom and homes.

As a result of pandemic-related challenges, schools and afterschool programs should expect an increase of psychological and adaptational issues among students when schools reopen in the fall. To prepare teachers, parents, and social workers to address this critical need, No Limit Gen and the PEAR Institute are designing the first of its kind curriculum to create healing and supportive environments for children in the home and classroom as they transition back to school.

You can view our conversation with the renowned clinical and developmental psychologist Dr. Gil Noam where we explore this transition moment and its impact on education here: Trends in Education: Crisis to Opportunity in the ‘New Normal’.