L. Tomay Douglas

L. Tomay Douglas is a daughter, mom, sister, grandmother, wife and survivor who overcame the impact of abusive experiences and is committed to transforming trauma and helping persons to honor the power of their voice.
She is a Restorative Justice Equity Educator, Social Worker, a Racial Justice Advocate, Substance Abuse Counselor, Consultant, and Christian Abundant Life Coach. Her work centers on healing, equity, and justice through education. Tomay is a facilitator with Restorative Justice Education (RJ Ed) and is a Restorative Roots Collaborative member facilitating Participatory Action Research.
Tomay is the co-founder of Worth Justice Inc, a nonprofit to affirm worth, and change lives. She is also the founder of Brand Me Beautiful working with professional men and women of faith impacted by trauma and Responding Restoratively, to assist with Critical Conversations to Build Community, Deepen Relationships, Heal Conflict & Return to Love. She is an international speaker and has presented in Haiti, led roundtable discussions with NGOs addressing violence against women, and facilitated restorative circles with adolescents impacted by HIV in Romania. Her commitment to social and transformative justice deepens her practice and restorative lifestyle. Her guiding principles are love, liberation, truth, justice, healing, and being the mom of two college graduates.