Jim Brasher

Jim has served as chief development officer and consultant to a number of highly successful national and global institutions. Jim was also a pioneer in developing intergenerational learning for HNW philanthropic families as the Founding Director of the Global Philanthropists Circle at the Synergos Institute. His in-depth understanding of the substantive issues of global health, peace and conflict resolution, human rights, and agriculture comes in part from serving as Special Assistant to President Jimmy Carter in the founding, development, and expansion of The Carter Center.

As a senior non-profit executive and consultant to more than 40 leading national and global organizations, Jim has provided a broad range of professional services including organizing and managing comprehensive development and communications divisions, directing historic capital campaigns, designing branding and positioning strategies, and building highly effective institutional development staffs.

His early work in directing capital campaigns including those for the UNCF and The Carter Presidential Library and Museum; helping to build organizations like the Carter Center from the ground up; manage fundraising in turn-around and spin-off situations like the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS); diversifying the donor bases for global research institutes like icddr,b in Bangladesh, The International Vaccine Institute in South Korea, CIAT in Colombia; and building and staffing comprehensive development functions at other institutions.