COVID-19 Timely Response Series

Featuring over 15 child well-being leading professionals addressing a national and global audience.

Trained 1,500+ educators, guardians, and youth serving professioanls.

Accessed by parents/guardians and youth serving professionals across the nation and dozens of countires.

A live event series addressing the most pressing mental health, protection, and well-being concerns related to COVID-19 and its impact on children and their caregivers.

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The Challenge

56 Million school children in the US were directly impacted by COVID-19 as schools across the country shut down. It quickly became clear that these children would soon face unprecedented risks to their social-emotional health and wellbeing.

Our Response

We moved quickly to identify the most critical issues impacting vulnerable children in the US and assembled digital training content to train over 1,500 educators, parents/guardians; and youth serving professionals across the nation and dozens of countires. This serires addressed pressing issues such as COVID-19's impact onsexual abuse of minors and online predatory behavior; strnethening emotional bonds between mothers and new-borns; health and nutrition of children; home-schooling strategies for effective learning outcomes; the future of education; and the disporporionate impact of COVID-19 on children and families of color.

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