Samier Mansur

Samier Mansur is a social entrepreneur, innovator, and writer who is driven by ideas that can help support more just, peaceful, and better organized world.

Samier is the founder of No Limit Generation (NLG), an organization that supports thousands of displaced and vulnerable children rise and thrive into their full potential. It does this through an evidence based, trauma-informed digital library of engaging, accessible videos that equips humanitarian organizations, aid workers, and teachers with critical tools to build safe, supportive, and healing environments for children.

This initiative builds on his previous work in founding the “Safe Haven” for Rohingya refugee children in Bangladesh in partnership with the award-winning JAAGO Foundation. The facility provides 500 Rohingya refugee children and orphans a safe space for learning, play, and healing every day.

Samier is also the co-founder of LiveSafe, a revolutionary smartphone app that empowers millions of students, employees, and service men and women with the tools to keep themselves and their communities safe. He has as served various US Govt agencies and initiatives from global policymaking to human rights and security, and facilitation of trade and development programs in the rapidly developing economies.

He has over 40 national and international publications on range of topics: from international relations and global policy; to humanitarian intervention, self-improvement, gender, among others. He has spoken on the TEDx stage on the topic of Pluralism and religious identity politics and inclusion; and continues to advise technology companies and global policy makers.

Judah Boulet

Judah Boulet is a former educator and former fitness and wellness small business owner, with graduate degrees in both business administration/management and pharmacology/toxicology. He is driven to be in service to others, and make an impact on the world. His passion for health and wellness, and being a father to two young boys, he understands the crucial nature or proper mental health development. Outside of working with No Limit Generation, he is a collegiate rugby coach, and a mentor for SCORE RI.