No Limit Generation Featured in Innovations in Global Mental Health Publication

Springer Nature has published “Innovations in Global Mental Health”, which looks at the emerging challenges in global mental health. No Limit Generation and our work with Dr. Patricia Gerbarg and Dr. Richard Brown of Breath-Body-Mind was featured in one of the chapters, Innovative Programs Support Recovery and Resiliency in Adult and Child Survivors of Mass Disasters: Breath-Based Mind-Body Interventions and Global Platforms. The potential to take the practical teachings of mental health experts that can effectively reduce symptoms of stress and trauma among children, and provide assistance through online platforms like the one here at, can make mental heath support accessibly like it never has before. The ability to translate this information into every language for open access globally can revolutionize global mental health and change the world. No Limit Generation is currently looking to create trainings to help the situations in Ukraine, Ethiopia, Yemen and Syria among other places around the globe.

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Reclaiming Hope and Belonging for Youth Leaving Institutional Care in Uganda

Currently, an estimated 50,000 children live in institutions and orphanages throughout Uganda. Children living in an institution often experience abuse, cruelty, and/or neglect that impacts their mental health. When children age out of institutionalized care systems they are ill-equipped to manage their mental health and have not developed the necessary life skills to live independently. Between 80-90% of Ugandan children in orphanages have families they have been separated from due to an inability to provide the medical, educational, and social services that the child needs. 

Attachment is a necessary and inevitable part of human development. A young child’s attachment to their caregiver(s) determines how they form relations as children, adults, and with themselves, as well as their self-image and sense of belonging/purpose. These relationships are key to how children, young people, and, in particular, care leavers (children who have aged out of orphanages) might cope with and recover from trauma. 

We know that children develop best and reach their full potential when they live in family environments. 

No Limit Generation, Child’s i Foundation, and Makerere University have teamed up on a project delivering mental health care to institutionalized children, caregivers, and Ugandan orphanages. The project is the result of a Canada Grand Challenges grant that seeks scalable and youth-led solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. The Project aims to increase the availability of mental health services, curb the spread of orphanages and support vulnerable children and care leavers with the family and community support they need to succeed. Currently, less than 1% of the Uganda national health budget is allocated to mental health.  

This project is unique in that the curriculum was designed using feedback from the youth, and their perspective of the challenges that they faced and has a human-centered communication process. The focus is a three-pronged approach in demonstrating an alternative to orphanages. First, an emphasis on prevention by working with the government to strengthen services that can respond to families in need. Second, creating a foster care type system for children who are unable to return to their families of origin, preferably in locations near their biological families. Kafalah is the Islamic practice of guardianship of orphaned children. Third, helping orphanages transition to non-residential community centers to assist families and help prevent separation

NLG Featured at 2021 CIES Conference

At the 65th Annual Meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society, No Limit Generation Founder and CEO Samier Mansur, presented on the panel, Early childhood development in conflict and crisis contexts: Innovative approaches and emerging evidence from the field.

Informed by his experience in the Rohingya refugee camps, Mansur shared scalable strategies to support children’s mental health and well-being in emergencies.

NLG Featured at International Center for Breathwork’s Breathing Festival

“The quality of our world, is the direct result of our actions. Our actions, are the direct result of our thoughts. Our thoughts… Believe it or not, can be altered by your breath.” 

Samier Mansur

No Limit Generation’s Founder and CEO, Samier Mansur, was a guest speaker at the International Center for Breathwork’s Breathing Festival where he highlighted 10 tools for effective leadership & stress management.

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NLG Featured on Extreme Uncertainty Podcast

Check out Extreme Uncertainty, a podcast highlighting today’s entrepreneurs. NLG’s Founder and CEO, Samier Mansur is featured in the episode Mission Driven in which he discusses starting and sustaining a tech-based non-profit as well as the challenges that often accompany launching a startup. 

Listen to this brief clip about the roots of NLG’s mission to enrich the lives of children.

“If we as the adults know how to create the supportive conditions for them and show up for them in the right way, then we can set them on a healthy trajectory that sets them on a course for life success and resiliency.”

Samier Mansur, Founder & CEO of No Limit Generation

For the full interview listen now on Anchor, Spotify and other podcasts streaming services.

NLG Featured at Thrive Healing Summit

In partnership with the North Valley Community Foundation, NLG Founder and CEO, Samier Mansur presents Thrive: A Children’s Resilience Initiative. Join us in exploring how we can provide children with greater access to mental health support. 

Watch the full video now on Youtube!

NLG Wraps Filming in Butte County

NLG completed filming in Butte County for our mental health training videos this week, after 8 days of filming that took us from Butte County to Baltimore. It was a unique challenge to undertake this mission with all that’s going on, but we’re grateful not only to have captured everything needed for production, but also to have met so many wonderful people along the way.

NLG Trains Thousands of Parents, Teachers, and Social Workers During the Pandemic

As the U.S. declared a national state of emergency in March, No Limit Generation realized that teachers, parents, and social workers were facing a challenge unlike any before. Our team moved quickly to create timely resources: live training workshops led by leading experts in the field to help navigate the pandemic. Our COVID-19 Timely Response, which so far includes five workshops, has already helped hundreds of caregivers and chidlren alike. In these bi-weekly live-workshops, we will continue to address pressing questions around self-care and child care during this period of adjustment.

NLG Joins Together for Girls and Hundreds of Child Well-Being Professionals to Call on Congress for Emergency Aid

NLG  joined an effort that called on Congress for emergency funds to support the unprecedented challenges children are facing while in Quarantine. These include and are not limited to long-term isolation from friends and social networks; loss of regular access to supportive adults and structure, leading to challenges with motivation, difficulty solving problems, and poor decision-making; and sharp increases in domestic violence and child physical/sexual abuse during quarantine.

Organized by Together for Girls, the joint letter calls on Congress to invest at least $300 million in emergency funding to strengthen child safety and protection programs in the next COVID-19 Relief Package; and calls for significant funding increases for Child Abuse Prevention Treatment Act (CAPTA) State and Prevention grants and other child abuse prevention and intervention programs within the Department of Health and Human Services. 

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