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Foundations/ Impact Investors

Child Well-being Experts

Education/ Youth Services

Foundations and Impact Investors

We partner with mission-aligned organizations who recognize that investments in mental health and well-being sets children on a trajectory for improved health, learning, and quality of life. Why invest in our mission?

It’s Effective

We don’t create your average training videos: we create powerful learning experiences through our innovative and proven Human Centered Communications process that ensures all content to be engaging, informative, and impactful.

It’s Scalable

There are 15 million children in the United States who need mental health support, yet only 9,000 licensed psychiatrists are available to support them. We can bridge this accessibility gap through task-shifting, wherein we equip educators, families, and youth-serving professionals with the practical guidance and tools to make a life-changing difference.

It’s Sustainable

Existing trainings can be costly, limited in scope, or difficult to access. Our training videos bring the world’s leading mental health and child well-being professionals into every classroom and home. They are on-demand and designed to fit into the busy schedules of educators, families, and youth serving professionals.

‘’Join us in our mission to improve the lives of 100 million children by 2030. When we achieve this, we not only shift the trajectory of children's lives: we shift the trajectory of our world.’’

- Samier Mansur
Founder & CEO, NLG

Child Well-being Experts

We partner with organizations and professionals that have proven models of effective mental health or child well-being intervention support. Our partnerships result in the creation of thoughtful and engaging training courses designed to effectively scale these training models to national audiences.

Broaden your mission’s reach and impact

You have proven models of care and support; we have a proven process and accessible platform that’s designed to engage, inform, and impact. Our collaboration will give your important work and mission the exposure it deserves.

Grow your audience by meeting them where they are

Now more than ever we see the importance of reaching audiences online and through accessible mediums. Though a collaborative process, we bring your proven interventions to life through high-quality training videos that engage educators, families, and youth serving professionals.

Bring you opportunities for collaboration and growth

Our mission is to share your trusted guidance with a growing national and global network. As a result of this exposure, educators, youth serving organizations, and school districts may reach out to you for direct collaboration. We love seeing these collaborations happen!

Education and Youth-Serving Organizations

We partner with educators and youth-serving organizations to implement accessible, cost-effective training solutions for their communities.

  • Educators
  • Youth-Serving Professionals

Create an inclusive and healthy environment for student and teacher success

  • Implement a practical, cost-efficient, and sustainable training solution for teachers and parents;
  • Practical guidance to support your students as they navigate emotional challenges or behavioral issues;
  • Self-care practices to keep you healthy, balanced, and operating at your best.

Youth Workers, Social Workers, and Pediatricians: Make a life changing difference in a child’s life

  • Practical guidance to support children and youth as they navigate emotional challenges or behavioral issues;
  • Strengthen the network of protection, care, and well-being for children;
  • Self care practices to keep you balanced, connected, and at your best.

Here’s How It Works

Our training experiences are the result of an effective and thoughtful collaborative process that includes the following phases:

Identification of Challenges & Trusted Partners

We identify the most pressing issues faced by children and partner with leading organizations and individuals addressing these challenges on the front-lines.

Needs Assessment & Curriculum Development

We conduct a needs assesment with stakeholder audiences and, in collaboration with partnered-experts, develop a tailored curriculum and production script.


Our team of savvy media professionals get to work in crafting an emotionally connected, informative, and powerful learning experience that’s designed to create impact.

Learning Experience Delivery

We publish the training videos to an accessible learning platform. We also equip our audiences with learning guides and course handbooks to support the training process.


Just publishing videos online doesn’t gaurantee results. We develop a robust and targeted plan to roll-out each training series and engage our stakeholder audiences and their communities for maximum impact.

Impact Assessment

We leverage a series of sophisticated tools to monitor and measure the impact of each training series. This data allows us to respond in real time, strengthening interventions if and when necessary.

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